China factory china small marine hydraulic gearbox boat used for diesel engine D300A in stock with high quality

Warranty: 3 a long time
Applicable Industries: Design works , Other
Custom-made support: OEM, ODM
Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 880Nm
Enter Speed: 1000-2300rmp
Output Pace: 1800r/min
Portion title: maritime hydraulic gearbox boat utilised for diesel motor D300A in stock
Kind: Transmission Assembly
certification: ISO9001
quality degree: large good quality
dimension: 638*920*1040mm
Issue: new
colour: identical as picture
weight: 880Kg
Flange: SAE18,16,14
heart distance: 355mm
Certification: GS
Packaging Particulars: neutral package deal or plywood scenario
Port: HangZhou

In inventory china little maritime hydraulic gearbox boat employed for diesel engine D300A

Component titleMarine Gearbox D300A
Web fat880kg
Flywheel:Depend on engine flywheel
Bell housingnone
Heart length:355mm

NameProductMAX EnergyMotor velocityRatioPrice(hp/rpm)L*W*HWeb fat
for Advanced Maritime GEARBOX0612.5 HP at 2100RPM1000-2100RPM2.fifty two/3.05/3.fifty.006350*316*482mm58kg
for Superior Maritime GEARBOX16A33 HP at 2000RPMone thousand-2000RPM2.07/2.forty eight/2.ninety five/3.35/3.eighty three.016422*325*563mm84kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOX26Asixty seven.5 HP at 2500RPM1500-2500RPM2.5/3/3.5/4.571/.026/.571473.5*365*830mm92kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXMA100A37 HP at 3000RPM1500-3000RPM1.60/2.00/2.55/3.11/3.59/3.88.012/.0095/.0082236*390*420mm75kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXMA125Aeighty two HP at 3000RPM1500-3000RPM2.03/2.46/3.04/3.57/4.05.571/.571/.571/.019291*454*458mm115kg
for Innovative Maritime GEARBOXMA142A102 HP at 2500RPM1500-3000RPM1.97/2.fifty two/3.03/3.fifty four/3.ninety five/4.fifty.041/.035/.031/.026308*520*540mm140kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOX40A82 HP at 2000RPM750-2000RPMtwo.07/2.96/3.44.04/.034414*610*620mm225kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOXMB170132 HP at 2500RPMone thousand-2500RPM1.ninety seven/2.52/3.04/3.54/3.96/4.50/5.06/5.47/5.88.053/.042/.037485*610*656mm240kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXHC65163 HP at 2500RPMa thousand-2500RPM1.fifty three/2.03/2.50/2.96.065/.060311*460*544mm130kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOX120C340 HP at 2500RPMone thousand-2500RPMone.48/1.ninety four/2.forty five/2.ninety six/3.35.136/.122/.109352*694*650mm225kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXMV100408 HP at 3000RPM1000-3000RPM1.23/1.62/2.07/2.52/2.87.123/.111/.099390*630*580mm220kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOX135A272 HP at 2000RPMa thousand-2000RPM2.03/2.fifty nine/3.04/3.62/4.eleven/4.sixty five/5.06/5.forty seven/5.81.0135/.127/.120/.a hundred and five/.095578*744*830mm470kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXHCQ138390 HP at 2600RPM1000-2600RPMone.03/1.5/2.03/2.forty eight/2.95.15/.133504*619*616mm200kg
for Superior Maritime GEARBOXHC138375 HP at 2500RPMa thousand-2500RPMtwo.fifty two/3./3.fifty seven/4.05/4.45.15520*792*760mm360kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXHCD138375 HP at 2500RPM1000-2500RPM5.05/5.63/6.06/6.47.fifteen/.one hundred thirty five/.126494*800*870mm415kg
for Superior Maritime GEARBOXHCA138390HP at 2600RPMa thousand-2600RPMone.095/1.28/1.5/2.03/2.48/3..fifteen/.098530*660*616mm200kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXMB242350HP at 2500RPMone thousand-2500RPMthree.04/3.fifty two/3.95/4.fifty three/5.twelve/5.fifty six/5.88.140/.136/.128/.a hundred422*744*763mm385kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOXHC200440 HP at 2200RPMa thousand-2200RPM1.forty eight/2.00/2.28.2430*744*708mm280kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXHCC2001530 HP at 1800RPMone thousand-2500RPMone.034/1.451/1.997/2.422/2.935.2554*750*700mm400kg
for Superior Maritime GEARBOXHC201five hundred HP at 2500RPM1000-2500RPM2.forty six/2.955/3.526.twenty/.one hundred eighty556*691*735mm350kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXMB270A500 HP at 2500RPM1000-2500RPM4.05/4.53/5.twelve/5.fifty/5.ninety five/6.39/6.82.twenty/.182/.150/.one hundred twenty594*810*868mm675kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXHCQ300782 HP at 2300RPMa thousand-2300RPMone.06/1.46/2.05/2.38.34/.32533*681*676mm350kg
for Innovative Maritime GEARBOX300805 HP at 2300RPMa thousand-2300RPMtwo.04/2.54/3.00/3.fifty three/4.ten/4.sixty one/4.ninety four/5.44.35/.33/.thirty/.25/.twenty/.seventeen638*870*864mm740kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOXD300A805 HP at 2300RPMa thousand-2300RPM4.00/4.forty eight/5.05/5.52/5.90/6.56/7.06/7.sixty three.35/.33/.thirty/.25/.20/.seventeen638*920*1040mm880kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXT300759 HP at 2300RPM1000-2300RPM4.95/6.03/6.65/7.04/7.fifty four/8.02/8.forty seven.33/.thirty/.27640*920*1110mm1120kg
for Advanced Maritime GEARBOXT300/1611 HP at 2300RPMa thousand-2300RPM8.94/9.forty five.266772*980*1106mm1120kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXHCA300850 HP at 2500RPM1000-2500RPM1050/2.00/2.fifty seven/2.ninety five.34620*585*753mm370kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXM300805HP at 2300RPMone thousand-2300RPM1.45/2.00/2.52/3.05/3.forty five/3.ninety four.35/.33/.thirty/.272680*980*1026mm700kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXMD300805 HP at 2300RPM1000-2300RPMthree.96/4.48/4.ninety six/5.fifty two/5.9.35/.33/.thirty/.25757.5*980*1026mm940kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXHCQ4011035 HP at 2300RPM1500-2300RPMone.00/1.twelve/1.fifty/2.04/2.fifty.forty five/.40640*900*800mm480kg
for Superior Marine GEARBOXHC400810HP at 1800RPMone thousand-1800RPM2.04/2.fifty/3.00/3.forty two/4.06.41/.35641*890*890mm820kg
for Advanced Maritime GEARBOXHCD400810HP at 1800RPM1000-1800RPM3.96/4.33/4.43/4.70/5.00/5.fifty three/5.89.41/.362/.337641*950*988mm1100kg
for Superior Marine GEARBOXHCT400A945HP at 2100RPM1000-2100RPM6.09/6.forty nine/6.93/7.forty two/7.95/8.forty/9.00/9.47.forty five/.42/.39/.36/.33784*992*1130mm1450kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXHCT400A/1945HP at 2100RPM1000-2100RPM8.fifteen*8.69*9.27*9.94*10.60*eleven.37*twelve.00.45*.43*.forty*.37*.36869*1100*1275mm1500kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOXHCQ5011265HP at 2300RPMone thousand-2300RPM1.03/1.forty six/2/2.45.fifty five/.fifty two706*856*846mm560kg
for Superior Marine GEARBOXHCQ5021265HP at 2300RPM1000-2300RPMtwo.95.fifty five706*856*875mm700kg
for Advanced Maritime GEARBOXHC600A1365HP at 2100RPMone thousand-2100RPM2.00/2.48/3.00/3.fifty eight/3.89.sixty/.54/.49745*1094*1126mm1300kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXHCD600A1365HP at 2100RPMone thousand-2100RPM4.18/4.43/4.70/5.00/5.44/5.seventy one.sixty/.fifty seven/.fifty four/.forty nine745*1094*1271mm1550kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXHCT600A1260HP at 2100RPM1000-2100RPM6.06/6.49/6.ninety seven/7.fifty one/8.04/8.66/9.35.fifty five/.forty nine/.45/.forty one/.36/.35805*1094*1271mm1600kg
for Superior Marine GEARBOXHCT600A/one1260HP at 2100RPMa thousand-2100RPM7.sixty nine/8.23/8.eighty two/9.47/10.8/11.65/12.fifty seven/14.forty four/fifteen.91.fifty five/.fifty one/.forty nine/.464/.437/.41/.32/.255878*1224*1346mm1700kg
for Sophisticated Marine GEARBOXHC7011286HP at 2400RPM1200-2400RPM1.ninety three/2.58/2.ninety/3.26/3.ninety one/4.sixty/5.17/6.18/7.00/7.471200/.710/.630/.564/.529/.676/.605/.704/.564/.529/.702/.68/2100/.651/.613/2400/.536/.511/.4871420*1160*1430mm2000kg
for Innovative Marine GEARBOXHCQ7001875HP at 2500RPM514/a thousand-1285/2500RPMone.5-2.5/2.78/2.96.75/.70/.67898*1104*1066mm900kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXHCD8001530HP at 1800RPM1000-1800RPMthree.427/3.ninety six/4.391/4.905/5.474/5.889.85/.80/.seventy five/.701056*1280*1341mm1750kg
for Advanced Marine GEARBOXHCT8001530HP at 1800RPM800-1800RPM4.ninety five/5.57/5.68/5.ninety three/6.forty three/6.86/7.33/7.eighty four.eighty five/.80/.75/.701056*1280*1425mm2000kg
for Sophisticated Maritime GEARBOXHCT800/11530HP at 1800RPM800-1800RPM6.ninety one 7.28 7.69 8.12 8.6 9.12 9.sixty eight/ten.30/ten.ninety eight/11.76/twelve.forty three/thirteen.seventeen/13.ninety seven/fourteen.85/fifteen.eighty two/16.58.eighty five/.83/.seventy eight/.75/.seventy one/.sixty seven/.63/.59/.55/.521152*1360*1557mm3200kg

What Is a Gearbox?

A gearbox is the mechanical program of an auto that enables a automobile to change equipment efficiently. This arrangement of gears is hugely sophisticated, which will help to offer a easy equipment change. In this article, we will explore some of the distinct sorts of gearboxes, such as the Epicyclic gearbox, the Coaxial helical gearbox, and the Extruder helical gearing. These are three of the most typical types of gearboxes used in cars.


Gearboxes support drivers decide on the appropriate gear for the conditions. A reduced gear makes the least speed, while a higher equipment offers the maximum torque. The quantity of gears utilized in a gearbox may differ to fulfill distinct requires on the street and load. Limited gearing supplies greatest torque, even though tall gearing offers greater best speeds. These attributes mix to improve the driveability of a car. But what is a gearbox?
The gearbox has a slew of factors, including the bearings and seals. Amid these elements is the gearbox, which is subjected to wear and tear owing to metal-to-metal speak to. As a consequence, gearboxes require close checking. Various exams are used to evaluate the problem of gears, this sort of as corrosion and dress in. Proactive exams emphasize use, contamination, and oil issue. Even so, there are also proactive assessments, these kinds of as the ferrous density take a look at and the AN check, which keep an eye on additive depletion and abnormal put on.
The separating power is a key aspect for the design of a gearbox. The principal radial measurement stage need to be oriented to monitor standard forces. The secondary measurement position must be found in the reverse course of rotation from the major radial measurement level. The separating power produced by a helical equipment established is referred to as tangential drive. The main and secondary radial measurement points need to be positioned so as to give info about equally normal and tangential forces.
Guide gearboxes are usually handbook. The driver can manage the synchromesh by making use of a selector rod. This rod moves the synchromesh to have interaction the equipment. Reverse gears are not synchromesh since they are utilized only when the vehicle is at a standstill. In older automobiles, the first equipment frequently lacked synchromesh thanks to expense or deficiency of torque. Motorists could nonetheless use 1st gear with a double-declutch.

Coaxial helical gearbox

The R sequence rigid tooth flank helical gearbox characteristics substantial flexibility and good combination. They have a vast variety of motor electricity and permit for wonderful classification of transmission ratios. The R series gearbox has numerous positive aspects, such as large effectiveness, extended services life, and low vibration. This collection of gearbox can be combined with a wide range of reducers and variators. Its dimensions and large efficiency tends to make it an perfect choice for applications that require optimum torque and load transfer.
The major characteristic of a helical gearbox is that it provides a mounted velocity ratio, even if the middle gaps are not properly set. This is at times referred to as the essential rule of gearing. A helical gearbox is related to paper spur gears in phrases of radial pitch, considering that the shafts in the helical gearbox cross at an angle. The middle hole of a helical gearbox is the same for each the still left and appropriate-handed counterparts.
The EP Sequence is another well-liked model of a Coaxial helical gearbox. This series has high torque and a highest reduction ratio of twenty five.6:1. It is an best option for the plastic market, and CZPT offers an in depth variety of types. Their center distance ranges from 112 mm to 450 mm. The EP Collection has several versions with different center distances. In addition to substantial torque and efficiency, this gearbox has lower sound and vibration, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
Another variety of Coaxial helical gearboxes is the planetary gearbox. They have a high performance and energy density. In contrast to coaxial helical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes have an axis on the very same course as the output shaft. They are effortless to combine into existing push trains. In addition, they are compact and simple to integrate with current generate trains. For servo purposes, they are an additional fantastic selection.

Epicyclic gearbox

An epicyclic gearbox is a variety of computerized gearbox employed to generate automobiles. Its major edge is its compact design, and it is much more dependable and successful than manual gearboxes. It is comprised of a sunshine gear and two planetary gears, encased in a ring gear named the Annulus. This technique is helpful for motorists who require to shift gears often, as they will turn into fatigued if the gears are suddenly transformed.
An epicyclic gearbox is composed of 3 diverse types of gears: ring gear, sunshine gear, and annular ring gear. The ring equipment is the outermost equipment and has angular-cut enamel on its internal surface area. It is utilised in conjunction with planetary gears to offer large-velocity ratios to automobiles. The solar gear also reverses the course of the output shaft. This helps minimize transmission mistake.
An epicyclic gearbox employs several planets to transfer power between the planets. This kind of gearbox is lightweight and features a large electricity density. This gearbox has a number of advantages over a regular solitary-phase parallel axis gearbox, like several load paths, unequal load sharing, and phased meshing. Additionally, epicyclic gearboxes need much more intricate transmission error optimisation than their counterparts, which includes far more than 1 stage.
The goal of epicyclic gearbox analysis is to give the least expensive transmission mistake attainable. The process consists of an first design and style and in depth specification. The method is outlined by its load spectrum and required ratio. Deflections of the elastic mesh are calculated to realize their energy and how significantly strength the method can manage. Last but not least, micro-geometric corrections decrease transmission mistake. These advancements are vital to the all round efficiency of an epicyclic gearbox.

Extruder helical gearing

The helix in an extruder helical gearing is mounted at an angle, enabling much more conversation with the shaft in the very same route as it moves. As a result, the shaft and the bearing are in constant contact for a extended interval of time. Generally, extruder helical gearing is used in apps where there is reduced pleasure, these kinds of as metal, rolling mills, conveyors, and the oil market. The bevel equipment teach also plays a function in these programs.
The CZPT AEX extruder generate gear is specifically developed for this particular application. The gears are compact and lightweight and supply outstanding power density and a extended service life. These extruder gears are hugely trustworthy, and they can be employed in a extensive range of applications, like rubber processing, meals generation, and recycling vegetation. CZPT provides each normal and customized gearing for your extruder.
One more advantage of helical gearing is its versatility. Since the helical gearing tooth are inclined at a distinct angle, they can be altered to satisfy the certain demands of a provided application. These gears also have the edge of getting rid of sounds and shock from straight tooth. In contrast to other gearing sorts, they are able to obtain a extensive assortment of hundreds, from tiny to large. These helical gears are extremely tough and are the greatest choice for high-load purposes.
In addition to this, uneven helical gears have improved flexibility, even though asymmetrical helical gears have lower flexural stiffness. The ratio of teeth to the shaft has a good influence on the toughness of the equipment. Moreover, asymmetrical helical gears are less complicated to manufacture. But before you buy your next extruder equipment, make positive you know what you’re getting into.

one velocity gearbox

CZPT Team Elements creates the one speed gearbox. It has the likely to make autos much more successful and environmentally pleasant. The equipment ratio of a car’s drivetrain is vital for achieving highest electricity and speed. Normally, a one particular-pace gearbox provides a maximum of 200 hp. But the speed at which a vehicle can achieve this energy need to be large to get the entire reward from the electric motor. So, how can a 1-speed gearbox enhance the pace and torque of a automobile?
A one-pace gearbox is a mechanical system used to change in between 2nd and third gears. It can incorporate a number of equipment sets, this kind of as a shared center gear for switching between second and third gears. It can also have an intermediate gear established that represents a switchable gear in equally partial transmissions. The invention also includes a mechanism that tends to make it less complicated to adjust gears. The patent statements are thorough underneath. A normal 1-pace gearbox may contain two components.
Generally, a 1-velocity gearbox will have up to 7 forward gears, with each and every of these corresponding to a various speed. A one particular-speed gearbox can have five various equipment sets and 5 different equipment amounts. It can have synchronized gear sets or last-shelf equipment sets. In either circumstance, the gears are arranged in a way that maximizes their effectiveness. If the gears are put on reverse sides of a auto, the transmission may possibly be a two-speed one.
CZPT Transmission specializes in the manufacturing of large-velocity gearboxes. The company’s Milltronics HBM110XT gearbox machine is the ideal resource for this work. This equipment has a massive functioning desk and a heavy-obligation load capability, making it a versatile choice for a lot of types of applications. There are also a vast selection of CZPT gearboxes for the automotive business.

China factory china small marine hydraulic gearbox boat used for diesel engine D300A in stock     with high qualityChina factory china small marine hydraulic gearbox boat used for diesel engine D300A in stock     with high quality